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 Gym Leader Standard Regulations

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Standard Regulations   Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:33 am

Hi Everypony. I knew I forgot to post something before I let the gym leaders go on their threads. I saw a few people's threads, and I finally remembered what I forgot. I wanted to post a certain regulation of standards the gym leaders must follow.

1) A gym leader MUST follow his own rules.

2) They have to be as open as possible. Try to make a gym team for every generation. No sticking to one. I recommend downloading Pokemon Online to make a team for every generation!

3) Win/loss rechallenges can only be 48 hours or less. Anything else would be overkill and a waste of major time.

4) A gym leader can have 4 Pokemon of his type and two wildcards. For example, a Fire gym leader must have at least 4 fire types, but can have a grass type and an electric type to cover his weaknesses. He doesn't have to do this, but it gives them a competitive edge.

5) If there is ever a dispute in a battle over unfairness, file a message to me and I will investigate it. It would be best if a battle is recorded for Youtube; or on Pokemon Online if you copy and paste the battle log to me. I will decide the final call.


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Gym Leader Standard Regulations
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