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 Looking for Potential Moderators

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PostSubject: Looking for Potential Moderators   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:39 pm

Hey members and guests viewing this. I know we only have a handful of members at the moment, but eventually, we will get to a dozen or so. In this time, it would be great for me to start seeking potential moderators. If you have great experience at being a moderator or have a strong desire to become one, now is the time to show me! Here are some things I will be looking into:

Activeness: I cannot ask for anything more than this. At least logging in daily or every other day. Also starting or replying to topics is a good way as well.

Kindness: A good, down-to-Earth person will be a good moderator. Someone who can understand something and is not an enforcer.

Experience: I would like a person with semi-experience when it comes to being a moderator/leader. If not, I can always show you the basics.

Social Activity: When I mean this, I mean coming onto chat every now and then, or advertising for this forum to friends. When I mean advertise, I DON'T mean go to websites and spam the link to here constantly. Some websites have advertising rules (Much like this one), and that just gives us a bad name.

Be Yourself!: I don't want you to change your attitude to fit these things. I want you to be yourself! One of the reasons I will rank people is because they are who they are, and not who they are not!

These are the things I am looking for, so good luck and have a magical day!

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Looking for Potential Moderators
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