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 Special Announcements

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PostSubject: Special Announcements   Thu May 17, 2012 11:43 am

Hello everypony! I just wanted to take the time to list out some things that seem important!

1) Our newest moderator is teenbrony7388! I am planning on advertising on Equestria Daily once again, and we need an extra hand!

2) On the topic of advertising, I wanted to make a Youtube advertisement for the forum once again; but I want this one to be special. I don't want it to just be a boring Powerpoint presentation on Windows Movie Maker. I want this to come to life and wow people! I just don't want us to be known as "the brony gaming forum," I want to venture out further into our brony community and show Youtube what else we do! Of course, there will be the gaming segment of the ad, but I also want to show off people's artwork, music, literature, and, heck, flash games (Rise of Vicis would be PERFECT)! I would classify bronies as the number one diverse fanbase on the internet; and by golly, we should show them why! In a couple weeks, I will post another announcement asking to submit your works, and I can make a compilation of what people can not only experience on Nintenbrony Forums, but in our community!



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Special Announcements
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