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 About the Pokemon Gym League

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PostSubject: About the Pokemon Gym League   Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:15 pm

Hello everypony. I wanted to discuss the gym league. I see we are not that active, and do not have eight gym leaders yet. For now, I am allowing current gym leaders to run TWO gyms if they wanted to. I am available for challenges for the two I am currently running. If someone comes by and wants a type that is taken by two gym leaders, the current gym leader has to make a decision to give it up or allow him to take the other type. Here are the current types that are around:

Normal Gym = Nintenbrony
Poison Gym = Nintenbrony

Ghost Gym = GypZQuaker

Psychic Gym = Robotoss

Ice Gym = Duskfall

Flying Gym = Y2Kbrony


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About the Pokemon Gym League
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