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 Tf2 Tactics board.

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PostSubject: Tf2 Tactics board.    Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:29 pm

Any tactic for any game mode (including MvM). I love the game and knowledge from this forum would help the member improve their play so pleas post Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tf2 Tactics board.    Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:56 pm

For Mann vs. Machine, I will post what I know about every class and what works best from what I saw:

1. Make the Scout go into the heart of danger and use the Bonk. The robots will aim at him and ignore the others. When they die, collect the money for your teammates!!

2. Mad Milk slows down robots. Use it when a Robot Scout rush comes!

1. The only thing I know about the Soldier is his Beggar's Bazooka. Upgrade it's maximum ammo size and compacity to fire 9 rockets at once! With a Kritzgreig, it is a powerhouse!

1. A Backburner Pyro is good for ambush when the Robots jump off the ledge. They have slow reactions!

2. There are certain areas the Pyro can air blast the bomb carrier into a pit to reset the bomb to the start again. Use that as a means to buy more time!

1. Just keep upgrading that Minigun and keep firing! The Brass Beast in my opinion is the best weapon to use.

2. Keep a Medic around you at all times so you don't have to rely on Sandviches to heal you

3. Because of number two, just have a Shotgun or Family Business on you to defend when you run out of ammo!


1. Buy a disposable mini-sentry!

2. Upgrade your buildings at the store!

3. When the buildings are set, don't forget to invest in some wrench speed to be offensive at times and to attend to your buildings much quicker.

4. There is a robot called a Sentry Buster. It's only purpose is to find your sentry and kamikaze it via exploding! When the Administrator announces the Sentry Buster's summoning, pick up your sentry and run towards it or wait for it. When it's about to explode, you have two seconds to run! RUN. When it explodes, put your sentry back into position and continue where you and your teammates left off. But beware. More than one Sentry Buster CAN appear in a match. I have seen 4 or 5 in one wave before one after another!


1. Best advice is to use a Scottish Resistance and invest everything into it. Get a Kritzgreig Medic to uber you as you place them at spawn for insane amounts of damage!


1. Your Jarate can help your team take out the biggest of targets and crowds! Throw it wisely!

2. Aim for Uber Medics hiding behind giant robots. This will be a major help


1. As said in the Demoman section, uber him with the Kritzgrieg as he places stickies!

2. Hide behind the Heavy, but heal others too!

3. When high in uber, hide or else you are risking a good chance for an ubercharge! Retreat and fire your Syringe Gun or Crusader's Crossbow in defense!


1. A Spy's Sapper can slow down a robot's speed. use this to help your teammates!

2. Buy some uber bonuses, and uber yourself for a few seconds of backstabbing fun behind enemy lines! Use the remaining uber to retreat!


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Tf2 Tactics board.
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