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 What the hell am I seeing?

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PostSubject: What the hell am I seeing?   Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:38 pm

Nintendo versus Sega in a samurai-esque fantasy seinen anime? Sure, why not. Today marked the premier of Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de, portraying the ongoing conflict between the kingdom of Segua, and the empire of Ninteldo, battling over the land of Consume.

The series is packed with familiar faces representing both characters and entire franchises - our protagonist is Gear, meant to represent Sonic. After the death of his best friend Til (Tails, naturally, bringing the Sonic the Hedgehog count up to two), he and his little sister Nel (Nei, from Phantasy Star II) depart for Segua’s capital, vowing to become a knight to avenge his fallen friend. There, they encounter the archer Opal (Opa-Opa, hailing from Fantasy Zone), Ramses, vice-general of the Segua Army (representing the entirety of the game Columns), and some outside help - the perverted Tejirof, representing Tetris. This unlikely collection must then train to take on the mighty Ninteldo Empire.

Ninteldo, unfortunately, has had only a minor look-in, with a scene showing them dominating a battle. Here, we meet General Marcus and the green dinosaur he rides (Mario and Yoshi) and witness him destroying a ship by jumping on it, and his strongest warrior, Zelig (either representing Link himself, or the entire Legend of Zelda series - his name does appear to be made up of Zelda, Link, Ganon). Zelig is, curiously, a sadistic blood knight with a penchant for giggling and poking his tongue out, wearing an inverted Triforce necklace and shown with a sword (and, on occasion, a rather familiar-looking mask).

(Clearly, someone has been taking lessons from Ghirahim.)

While Ninteldo’s forces have only have a brief moment in the spotlight, there are more characters promised for later, including Guliji (as second-in-command in the Ninteldo army and Marcus’s younger brother, who else could this be other than Luigi?), Fare (representing Fire Emblem), Masa (based on Mother), Carvai (Kirby, naturally), Saroid (a fusion of Samus and Metroid, although the character design is pure Samus), Foster (Fox McCloud of StarFox, and Pirika (Pikachu and Pokemon, represent!).

While the animation itself is nothing special and it verges into ecchi territory more often than not (young viewers, beware of randomly disappearing clothes and almost everything that Tejirof says!), the sheer novelty of Nintendo versus Sega in anime form makes this worth at least a brief look-in. And with approximately three months to go until episode two, plenty of time to have a watch. What do you think of the way Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de portrayed these beloved characters? What do you like or dislike about it? What direction would you like to see this go?

Watch it here.

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What the hell am I seeing?
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