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 Pokemon Metagame: Guide to the Perfect Pokemon

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PostSubject: Pokemon Metagame: Guide to the Perfect Pokemon   Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:34 pm

Hello guys. I have found some useful videos that go into great description about the Metagame within the Pokemon community! When it comes to raising Pokemon, there's a lot more to Pokemon than just levels and attack moves. There are many things to point out such as:

1) Effort Values (EVs)
2) Individual Values (IVs)
3) Pokerus
4) Move sets
5) Breeding IVs and Egg Moves

These two videos explain Pokerus and Effort & Individual Values. If you watch these videos, you can learn the best method of raising a Pokemon! Some sites I recommend are:

Bulbapedia: This is the Wikipedia for Pokemon! It has EVERYTHING Pokemon

Smogon: This site has great recommendations for some move sets and Effort Value spreads that a lot of professional battlers use. I tend to use my own sets; but looking at these guys first for ideas is recommended!

Serebii: Serebii is like Bulbapedia in some way, and they have an IV calculator that is somewhat complicated

Psypokes: This site has the easiest online IV calculator imo.

If you guys have any good questions about Pokemon, I have been doing these kind of things for almost 4 years, and know some of the best methods for Pokemon training!


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Pokemon Metagame: Guide to the Perfect Pokemon
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