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 Forum Update, 2/18/2012

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PostSubject: Forum Update, 2/18/2012   Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:48 pm

Hey guys, I just wanted to point out the few things that have happened in the past few weeks.

Improvement: Man, we have SKYROCKETED this forum in the first month! I know a lot of us come on occasionally, but we are really far in the forum rankings! Out of the 385 hobby forums this is competing against, we are 192nd! If you know your math, 192.5 is half of 385! We are the halfway point in the forums, and we can only advance at this point!

Newest Moderator: I wanted to make an announcement about this, but I keep on forgetting/procrastinating! SuperMario2199 is our first and newest moderator! I am in the looking for one more moderator; but I want this one to have access to different fields of gaming that SuperMario2199 or I do not have. From this point, Nintendo is pretty well-covered. I want a moderator for Xbox360/PC/PS3. I know a lot of bronies are TF2 players; so maybe a person from STEAM or the TF2 community will stand up and shine for me to notice!

Rainbow Dash Network: If any of you gamer bronies are from the Rainbow Dash Network, Nintenbrony Forums now has a group featured there! I know I did say something about affiliations on the rule thread; but this is just to show our support to the brony community and to help promote them, and at the same time us. Join the network and join the Nintenbronyforums group if interested! <----LINK
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Forum Update, 2/18/2012
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