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 rayman legends delayed

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PostSubject: rayman legends delayed   Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:31 pm

so ubisoft are delaying legends for 7 months, despite it being finished, because they want a xbox/ps3 version.
now im ok with them putting it on the other consoles as it means more people get to play the game but was there any need to delay a finished game for 7 months? no.
and to top it all off they thin that releasing an 'exclusive demo' will solve it. to be frank it wont.
Quote :
For a significant chunk of people Rayman Legends represented a better reason for buying a Wii U than Mario. It was a game that made you smile with its use of the GamePad and, like ZombiU, it showed you immediately what the Wii U was all about. It's been delayed a few times from it's original launch day release but this was forgiven, especially when the awesome demo became available. You lied to us Ubisoft. We invested in hardware because we wanted to play your game. We said nice things about your game. We told our friends about your game. We told people to buy a Wii U because of your game. We invested a huge chunk of emotion and expectation into your brand. And what did you do? You screwed us.
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rayman legends delayed
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