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PostSubject: Spider-Man   Spider-Man I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 01, 2013 6:02 pm

I honestly and truly do love Spider-Man. A tad overused, the With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility line is gold. Spider-Man represents a huge guilt and how he can never really overcome it, yet every day he tries to live with it and make up for it. He doesn't start out as a hero, in fact, he even sounds downright villainous when showing off his web-shooters for the first time. It's not until his Uncle dies that he realizes that he does have a responsibility to use his powers to the help others. It applies to us all. We all have a responsibility to help others in any way we can. Nobody should suffer because we failed to act. Spider-Man realizes this and he grows into being a hero. Unlike Bruce Wayne, who was Batman ever since Joe Chill pulled the trigger, Peter Parker became Spider-Man over time, overcoming his insecurities and becoming a true hero. He represents being a teenager and growing up while still keeping the sense of wonder and adventure of being a child. When Peter Parker puts on his mask, he's putting on more than just a piece of red cloth with webs on it. He's putting on a new identity full of confidence and strength. He pulls wisecracks and tells jokes to cover up his fear and lack of confidence. But underneath it all, he's burdened by the sacrifices he has to make to get over the guilt of losing his uncle and afraid of having to go through it all over again because of his loved ones being in danger. Which it does. He does have to go through it again. And again. He loses a lover, his parents again, a man closer than a brother, and even his marriage and daughter. He even ultimately loses his life in more ways than one. While Batman is the ultimate human success story and an endearment to the human spirit, Spider-Man is a story of human failure and how to cope. He's closer to life and able to be related to. We all feel insecure, and at times we all put on masks to hide from it. We put on those masks and choose who we want to be in hopes that one day that mask can be our true face. I love Spidey and I always will. Through bad stories and adaptations, I'll stick with him, because he won't let failure stop him, and neither should I.

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