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 Do you dislike how the fandom portrays ditzy?

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PostSubject: Do you dislike how the fandom portrays ditzy?   Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:59 pm

Cause I do. Obviously from the shows only cannon appearance of her she is obviously clumsy, but not stupid.
Simply put I would rather her be more intelligent, exspcialy when paired with the doctor, Whovian rant in
I hated martha worst companion by far! Loved Dona best by far, with amy a close second, because they were a good match for the doctor. Not the damsal in distress (Mostly dona there) but the one who does the crazy awesome "Lets spin dalecs" move.
Obviously this is all speculation on the derpy part as she is inevitably never going to be cannon (Oh I wish you were saved) but I wish people would go out of there way to invent the helpless damsal.
Rant over

Best back round pony ever

and then there was ang

Why not! (BTW second best kids show ever I loved it so much)
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Do you dislike how the fandom portrays ditzy?
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