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 Xbox One...

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PostSubject: Xbox One...   Wed May 22, 2013 7:20 pm

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One the other day. Oh boy.... where do I start with this problem?

1) The name: WHY is it called Xbox One? It reminds me of the original Xbox from 2001! What ever happened to the Xbox 4 or Xbox 720 predictions?

2) Social Media: From what I hear, it is the same as an Xbox 360; but has more options to the social media. It's about the gaming, NOT the media to learn more about Microsoft!

3) String-Attached Costs: Reports are saying games can be linked to your XBL accounts; but if you want to play that game using a friend's account on another Xbox One, you'll have to fork over the list price. Not only are they going to charge you to play online, you will basically be penalized when you want to sell your game when on first hand you bought at the full price? That's a sham!

This is a console to avoid like the plaque in my opinion!


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Xbox One...
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