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 Announcement 6/19/2013

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PostSubject: Announcement 6/19/2013   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:14 pm

Hello everypony!  This month, I have been a little quiet, and there is a reason for that.  I have gotten some sort of virus that made me extremely ill.  It made talking near-impossible.  I literally didn't say a word for two days!  But anyways, there are some planned events coming in the near future to look out for:

1) Nintenbrony going to JAFAX:  If you don't remember from last year, me and GypZtheQuaker were talking all about this little anime convention.  It is time I went back there!  This time, I will be handing out a few little "cards" advertising Nintenbrony Forums to a few selected bronies.  There may be a miniature wave of bronies coming in this weekend!  I will record some vlogging of me going around interacting (trolling) some cosplayers.  Other than that...

2) Equestria Daily:  I was going to advertise us to Equestria Daily this weekend, but due to the anime convention coming up, I bumped it back to next week.  My goal will be Wednesday night; so we can see a wave of new members Thursday morning!

3) Equestria Girls:  I know Equestria Girls recently came out.  I never addressed it, but if any website comes up streaming it, do not post it!  It is still under copyright laws as of now; and Hasbro is probably playing hardball on keeping it off the Internet.  Unless someone gets that thing on Youtube.  Post it then!  Only person who would get in trouble is the uploader!

That's all I have!  Stay magical friends!



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PostSubject: Re: Announcement 6/19/2013   Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:31 am

Ah I see it all make sense now, you being sick and all I mean. So that's why you haven't posted an Amnesia Let's Play for a while. Well if you're better now I'm glad to see ya up and around the forums, but if not then I hope you get well soon.

I don't believe I was apart of the forum when you were discussing JAFAX, but hey have fun!
Wow it looks like you've really got a plan going on with how to get the forum moving and more active. I never would have thought of using advertisement cards but that's why you own  the forums and I don't lol. Laughing

Oh... yeah I was wondering when you were going to send something in to Equestria Daily but it seems like you've got that covered. Have you decided what or how you're going to advertise the forum? Just curious that's all.

Well good luck with the anime con and advertising the forum there!


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Announcement 6/19/2013
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