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 Character Application Template

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PostSubject: Character Application Template   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:25 pm

Hey guys! So I see you've decided to jump into the MLP RP. That's great to hear! However, we're going need you to submit an application before we allow you to join the RP. This is to let us know exactly who your character is and how we can expect him to behave. It is extremely important that you will out this application correctly! In this, we'll go over the things that your application should include, as well as the template so that you don't have to go off writing the entire thing yourself!


First off, we're going to go over how you should title your application. This is important! It gives us moderators an easier time sorting through all of the applications. We ain't getting paid for this you know!

The title of your application should be the name of your character and should have one of these tags, [Ready] or [WIP].

[Ready] means that your application is ready for review by the moderators. It might not be perfect, and you might even be still actively working on it. This tag simple means that you are ready to move forward with the process. Moderators should be noticing applications with this tag.

[WIP] means that your application is not yet ready for the eyes of the moderators and that you are still actively working on the application. Please do not use this if you are looking for feedback, as it tells us that you don't want us looking at it just yet (though we may look and comment on your application at our own discretion).


Roleplay Section
Now we get into the actual application. This section is very important as it tells us where you plan to roleplay. There are currently two sections of roleplay available: The Realm of Equestria and The Badlands.

The Realm of Equestria will be our strictest RP environment, operating under these rules. Applications for this section of roleplay is mandatory, so if you want to get in, you're going to have to pay close attention and make sure everything in your application is just right!

The Badlands, on the other hand, is a very loose RP environment. You don't need an application to roleplay in this section, but highly recommend that you still do. The rules here aren't as strict, but make sure you still follow general site rules.


Now we're getting into the good stuff! Everyone needs a name right? I'm not going to call you "Anonpony" or Pony #365. That's just dumb. Now, if you've followed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic well enough, I'm pretty sure you've realized that ponies don't exactly have the same naming conventions as humans do. Pony names are usually comprised of one or two words, usually in reference to their appearance, talent, or personality. Just stay away from names that a human might have and you'll probably be fine. Remember, ponies don't have surnames! Not everypony in the Apple family has "apple" in their name. That was be ridiculous.


No, this doesn't mean whether your character has had sex or not. Sex is what you might more commonly recognize as gender (the proper term is "sex", though). This one is pretty simple, are you male or female? No, you're not allowed to be an it.


For this roleplay, we ask that you do not use a specific number for your age. We don't exactly understand how fast these mythological creature age, how fast the year goes in the show, etc. Instead, use one of the following labels:

Foal - for ponies who are children, regardless of their sex
Colt - for male ponies who are in their teenager years
Filly - for female ponies who are in their teenager years
Stallion - for male ponies who are in their adult years
Mare - for female ponies who are in their adult years

You are welcome to use modifiers in these labels such as "younger" or "older" to give us a more specific idea of how old your character is. Just don't give us a specific number, and that goes for anywhere else in the application!

For non-ponies, you should use non-pony equivalent terms for age. Usually, "Child", "Teenager", or "Adult" will be fine, but you may also use species specific terms if you so desire.


A straight forward field. What species is your character? Is he a pegasus? A unicorn? A Diamond Dog? Cute little dragons like Spike? For the sake of avoiding undue trouble, try to stick with the following races.


  • Earth Pony
  • Pegasus Pony
  • Unicorn Pony

Sorry folks, no alicorns! Seriously, they are so cliche.


  • Gryffon
  • Buffalo
  • Diamond Dog
  • Donkey
  • Dragon (only teenagers and babies, please)
  • Domestic Farm Animals (that one cow talked, didn't she!?)
  • Zebras
  • Minotaurs (ROCK EM)
  • Changeling

If the species is not on these list, they're not allowed!


Eye Color
This one is also pretty simple. What color are your character eyes? Try to stay away from any unusual eye effects, this isn't Team Fortress 2. Keep it simple, and you'll be fine.


Describe the coat and/or body of your character. You should definitely tell us what color his coat and/or body is (keep in mind the advice in the Eye Color portion) and well as any distinguishing marks. If you're a zebra, tell us about those crazy stripes! Feel free to include any find of apparel and clothing that your character might wear! Make sure everything is within reason and that you're not going overboard! We want to make sure your character fits right in Equestria.


Tell us about your character's mane and tail! What color are they and how are they styled? Feel free to include accessories you character might have. For all you guys our their: facial hair?


Tell us a little about character's body type. Are you a scrawny little bugger? Are you big a strong like Snowflake? Give as much detail as you'd like Wink


What kind of job does your character have? Is he a woodworker? A librarian? Is the mayor of a town? Try to keep occupations to those that would exist in Equestria. When's the last time you saw an aerospace pilot in Equestria?


Cutie Mark
In this section, we ask that you describe your character's cutie mark. Give us details! Pictures help, but are not required. Do make sure the cutie mark is both appropriate and accurately describes your character. Stay away from symbols that are trademarked or already have a clear and explicit association with something else, such as flag symbols; the cutie mark should be something entirely personal having to do specifically with your character or his or her talents after all.

You also need to tell us how your pony got his or her cutie mark. Trust me, the moment in which somepony receives their cutie mark is an important one for absolutely everypony! Just describe in however much detail as you please the events surrounding this pivotal moment in your pony's life. Make sure the story is appropriate and logical. We should be able to easily understand how these particular events lead to this particular mark appearing. It is simply not acceptable for you to not know or not be sure what the cutie mark means in relation to the character.

All ponies get cutie marks, and they get them when they are still young. An adult mare or stallion will always have her or his cutie mark, no exceptions! However, for all of your fillies, colts and foals, bare flanks are definitely still a possibility. If this is the case, it is enough to simply indicate as much. Oh, and if your character is not a pony or pony related species, it's fine to simply answer "not applicable" here.


Tell us about your character's past! Be creative and descriptive as you can. As a guideline, try at least having these questions answered.

  • Where was your character born?
  • How was life for him growing up?
  • Who was his parents and how dp they get along with your character?
  • Any other family we should know about?
  • What's his life like now?
  • How did you he get to where is now?
  • What kind of goals does he have?


Character Summary
Finally, we get to the most important part: the heart of the character. Here, you need to describe for us just who your character is! The focus here should be on presenting a personality first, as really it's the most critical thing to any RP! Again, you should be as inventive and as thorough as you are able. Good characters will be unique, well-rounded and well thought out personalities! Here are some of the basic questions you might consider answering here to at least get you started:

  • What are your character's talent? What manner of things does he or she excel at?
  • What ┬áis his or her motivation in life? How about dreams or goals?
  • What kinds of things does your character like? What does he or she dislike?
  • Does your character have any hobbies? What does he or she do with his or her time?
  • How does your character behave in general? What's it like to be around him or her? How is he or she at making friends?
  • What are your character's faults? What isn't he or she good at? Where does he or she always seem to fail?
  • Does your character have any fears or worries?


That's all the sections in the application! However, there are a few things we need to let you know before we move on.

  • Applications need to be written in plain text, left aligned with only the various labels in their respective field in bold. I know people like to make things look pretty, but the moderation team is looking for something easy to read, not something pretty.
  • Please write applications in third person. It's easier to get the information that way.
  • Pictures of characters are very welcome, but not neccesary.
  • If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the moderation team!
  • Have fun!


The Application Form
Roleplay Section:
Eye Color:
Cutie Mark:
Character Summary:
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Character Application Template
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