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 The Realm of Equestria Rules

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PostSubject: The Realm of Equestria Rules   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:49 pm

Here are some basic rules for The Realm of Equestria Roleplay.

  • You may not roleplay in the RoE subforum until your character application is accepted. Any attempted roleplay without an accepted character application will be removed without warning.
  • No previous relationships with ANY Cast Character for ANY reason. This can be worked out and established in Roleplay later, but it is NOT to be in any Applications. You will be asked to change or remove this.
  • No sexual RP; romance and ship (relationships) are okay, just remember the RP must keep content suitable for all audiences. Remember where we are!
  • No gore RP; again, remember where we are!
  • Violence/Battles/Fighting are alright in moderation.
  • No god-modding (Nobody likes a powergamer!).
  • No controlling another person's character(s) without permission.
  • Please don't double post. Instead, edit your previous post.
  • No OOC (Out Of Character) posts in RP threads.
  • If the moderation team need to interject an RP, please be understanding as there may be unforeseen reasons we have to step in. (Although if you read and follow the rules, this should ┬ánot happen.)
  • RP posts should ideally be at least a full paragraph in length. (This means a minimum of five complete original sentences.) This is to ensure quality and so that the current roleplay has enough to build on.
  • Technology must be simple. Simple machines only. Basic Steam Technology and mechanical tools. Remember, this is not our world, this is Equestria and the ponies fulfill many of the roles that we as humans have built machines to do.
  • Electricity is in its infancy. This means very basic light bulbs, spotlights, and simple gag items. An advanced power grid is not possible in Equestria. Simple power plants are okay (windmill, geothermal, coal), but advanced power plants or items that require them are not. Advanced would be nuclear, as an example, and items that require large amounts of constantly generated electricity are not.
  • No computers, televisions, video games, microwaves, or anything of this level of technology. Only simple devices. If it is something that can be reproduced via a simple machine, it is okay, but if it requires complex applications or engineering or software, it is not.
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The Realm of Equestria Rules
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