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 Spotlight [Ready]

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PostSubject: Spotlight [Ready]   Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:59 am

Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Sandspot - "Sandy"
Sex: Female
Age: Young Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Eye Color: Sandy's eyes are a soft sky blue. Ponies often feel calmer when looking at her eyes.
Coat: Sandy has a sandy orange coat. Spots also has an orange-red spot over her right eye.

Sandspot's mane hangs very loosely, with her bangs just hanging over her eyes. Her tail is also very simply groomed, with only the inner areas combed while the outer areas split somewhat wildly. Sandspot's mane and tail are primarily a coral orange, but also has a salmon orange strip down the middle, splitting both tail and mane into three equal sections.

Physique: Sandspot is a small but healthy mare. Her relaxed nature gives her a fair amount of stamina.
Residence: Baltimare/Whitetail Woods Border
Occupation: Sandspot is a professional competitive archer; she is often known for her well-focused shots. Since Archery season only lasts a few months every year, Sandspot is also a park ranger with Whitetail Parks and Recreation.

Cutie Mark:
Sandspot's cutie mark is a two-shaded stone arrowhead, a very dark grey on one side and a very light grey on the other. The arrowhead is layered over a breeze curve.

Sandspot got her cutie mark after winning an amateur archery competition. One the final shot, Sandspot was down 9 points. She would have to hit a bulls-eye in order to get the 10 points she need to gain the lead and win the competition. Sandspot held her bow taut for a full five minutes before she finally let her arrow fly straight into the middle of the target. The crowd erupted into cheering as a two-shaded arrowhead and a breeze appeared on her flank.

Sandspot was born in the heart of Baltimare. Her parents had hoped to eventually have her inherit their market store. However, once Sandspot had seen actors at a circus perform trickshots with a bow, any chance Sandspot had of following in her parents' hoofsteps evaporate. One day, Sandspot's father planned to take her to the market with him to learn the family trade. Once he got to his store though, Sandspot's father realized that she had gone missing. Authorities were contacted and a citywide search for the filly had been initiated. Eventually, the police ponies has found Sandspot in Whitetail woods, where she was found firing sharpened twigs and sticks at trees with a makeshift bow.

At first, her parents had thought that she had wanted to join the Royal Guard. It made sense, since Baltimare was one of the major Guard recruiting center. However, they later realized this wasn't the case, as Sandspot was very much against violence. Spotlight's parents tried to bring her out to the market again a month later (and kept a closer eye on her this time around). The day was busier than normal, and her parents' figured out why when Sandspot gave them a flyer a stallion from a street corner was passing out. Apparently there was an amateur archery competition in a week's time. Well, if their daughter had wandered off into the woods to fire twigs and sticks at trees, maybe this was something she could do. Actually, this was something Sandspot's mother knew she could do. What else would you gather from her daughter's calm, but determined expression? Sandspot parents didn't mind that she possibly would not inherit the family business. Well, her mother did. Getting slapped over the back of his head by his wife convinced Sandspot's father to give her daughter a chance.

After winning her first competition, Sandspot went on to other competitions, winning various money prizes. These various competitions also taught her to not let her competitive nature seep into her social life, as Sandspot has lost many friends as a result. After an off-hoof comment by her father that, "[Sandspot] would be able to take the Gold in the Equestrian Games!", Sandspot made it her goal to be an Equestrian Games archer. With that in mind, Sandspot went into professional archery.

Sandspot currently lives in a cabin just outside Baltimare city limits and just inside Whitetail Woods territory, although she does stay with her parents on the weekends. Archery season only seems to last for several months every year. As such, Sandspot is also a forest ranger with Whitetail Parks and Recreation. As a young mare, Sandspot hopes to be slated as a potential representative of Equestria in the Archery Competition in the Equestrian Games.

Character Summary:
Sandspot is a very accomplished archer. She has very calm and slow method of approaching problems, much to the chagrin of the more impatient ponies. It never really bothers her though. It isn't a surprise since her motto is "Keep calm and carry on". Although she lived in the city for most of her life, Sandspot much prefers to reside in the woods and be surrounded by nature. Although she shows indifference toward them, Sandspot detests the presence of impatient ponies who like to rush things. She also greatly dislikes violence, and she will often try to find a peaceful solution to escalating conflict.

Sandspot often has mixed results when making friends. Sometimes her calm demeanor is a strong point in her friendships, other detest her passiveness. Those people who don't like Sandspot often have good reason for their feelings. Sandspot often buds into problems that isn't hers to deal with. Her slow method of approaching problems also means that she often has problems with thinking on the spot. Her performance in timed events will often produce mixed results. When time starts becoming an issue, Sandspot often begins to panic, which has a significant effect on her performance and attitude, i.e. reacting to other coldly and/or rudely.

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Spotlight [Ready]
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