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 Who is you favorite pony, and why? *WHY*

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PostSubject: Who is you favorite pony, and why? *WHY*   Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:59 pm

Emphasis on "Why"?

This is your chance to explain in more detail of who your favorite pony is, and why. And don't give me the, "oh, I like them all" thing. Choose one that resonates with you the most, and give me reasons why you like them so.

I'll start. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, and here is why:

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

1. Our personalities are very similar. I'm a hyperactive, spontaneous, and random person... at times.

2. She carries the Element of Laughter, a reflection of herself. She always tries to make people smile, always trying to take a dark situation, and brighten it up. I draw inspiration from this, and try to apply it in my everyday life. Laughter is a powerful force, and can change one's out look on life, giving one hope that this world is not such a bad place. She gives hope and happiness through her element, making her world, and ours, a little brighter at a time.

3. She is pink... very close to the color red... red is my favorite color... AAAHG! *Mind blown*
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Who is you favorite pony, and why? *WHY*
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