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 Cloppers. Love and tolerate or seek and destroy.

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PostSubject: Cloppers. Love and tolerate or seek and destroy.   Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:00 am

I'm leaving my personal opinion out of this.

I'm pretty sure you guys know what a clopper is, but just in case you don't, let me define it:

Clopper: A a person, usually a brony, that pleasures him/herself to MLP: FiM porn.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, back to the main point. What do you think our fandom should do about cloppers. Some would say to love and tolerate them, saying we should live by the example of the show and just put up with them. Basically, a passive way to deal with the situation, to prevent arguments.

On the other hand, some bronies are actively against cloppers, saying they are giving a bad name to our fandom. They use the term seek and destroy, protesting and insulting cloppers to try and make them leave the fandom. An aggressive way to deal with the situation.

So what do you guys think? Love and tolerate or seek and destroy. Or maybe you guys have an alternative opinion on the situation. Share it below!
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PostSubject: Re: Cloppers. Love and tolerate or seek and destroy.   Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:19 am

Really weird topic but I'm not surprised it popped up.
Anyways I never really think about this but if they wanna do what they're doing whatever, just don't publicly go out and say that you're doing that to a bunch of random people on the internet. Pretty much keep things like that private, keep it to yourself or around people that share the topic. And keep that "content" away from younger fans of the show please; because that would probably give fans of the show a bad name. But I'm pretty sure that's already happened.

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Cloppers. Love and tolerate or seek and destroy.
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