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 Forum Announcements 3/8/2012

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PostSubject: Forum Announcements 3/8/2012   Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:35 pm

Hello everypony! I just wanted to get a few announcements that happened over the past few days.

1. Newest ranks: I would like to point out our newest rank members:

+10 Posters:


and our newest moderator:


2. Mario Kart Community: We now have a community for the forum to use. Join today!

Community code = 02-3579-3802-4959

3. New and edited homepage format. We have edited the front page's categories and forum sections a little. If you didn't notice, check it out sometime! The most obvious addition is Deviantart. A lot of us had one, so I made a section all about it! BTW, if you're a good artist with time on your hands, I have a challenge for you! If you can make any banner, background, or images for the forum, I will use them and make some special rank called "Forum Artist!"

Deviantart section:

4. Live stream: We also now have a live stream section under the Youtube category. Right now, GypZtheQuaker will be using his stream there. He plays LPs and much more. The first event scheduled is for Kid Icarus: The Uprising. GypZtheQuaker has made an announcement all about the information.


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Forum Announcements 3/8/2012
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